Helpful tips for using Fake Bake self-tanning products

By Beauty Bloggers


Did you miss my transformation from pale to bronze when I faked my tan with FAKE BAKE self-tanning products? I used Fake Bake’s Matte Medium Bronzer and achieved a natural, safe and nose-friendly tan without stepping in the sun or a tanning bed. Nevertheless, the self-tanning process may have you shaking in your boots. Don’t be scared, I’m here to help you through it. Whether you’re a self-tanning rookie like myself or a “Bronze Goddess” like Valeria, the Fake Bake line will not disappoint!

{Deep chocolate formula that looks a lot like my hardwood floors at first}

In my experience, I was taken aback by the deep chocolate colour of the formula (and was scared to actually apply the product to my face). Fake Bake will blend into your skin by rubbing the product in a circular motion on your face. For me, the results were a tad bit blotchy as the red patches on my skin created a two-tone look. I would recommend sleeping with the product on and allowing it to blend overnight. Wash it off in the morning and you’ll see what I’m talking about (as seen in my Fake Bake how-to)!

Valeria, “the Bronze Goddess”, is no rookie when it comes to tanning (she always has perfectly sun-kissed skin). She used to frequently visit her local tanning bed and therefore, is not scared to try new things. She loved Fake Bake and actually preferred the process and results compared to a tanning bed.

She mentioned that Fake Bake is a much safer and healthier alternative to excessive exposure in the sun and a tanning bed and it gives natural results. “The Bronze Goddess” says less is more when applying Fake Bake. Her secret weapon: a damp cloth that she dabs on her face after applying the formula to blend and remove excess colour. She also recommends mixing Fake Bake Cream with AminoGenesis Cocoon Total Body Rejuvenating Emollient (as seen above) to thin out and lighten the formula.

{Bronzer, Bronzing Gel, Airbrush, Body Butter, Original Lotion, Platinum Face Anti-Aging Self-Tan Lotion, Fair Lotion and Bamboo Face Polish}

This product (along with the entire Fake Bake line) does not contain sunscreen and therefore, you will still want to apply SPF protection. Valeria and I look like we’ve been on vacation, but we really haven’t. Eye Heart being (safely) fake baked!


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